Margie Johnson Reese Arts Management Services

MJR Partners is a team of professionals who are all full time practitioners, actively building the field of arts management. 

Margie Johnson Reese, MFA – Principal – Chief Engagement Officer – Wichita Falls, Texas

Yolanda Alameda – Equity in Grants Management – Decoding policy language  – Dallas, Texas

Evan Cleveland – Curriculum Development – Writer in Residence – Dallas, Texas

Dr. Marlena E. McKnight – Education Researcher – Teaching and Learning Advisor  – Alexandria, Virginia

Ashley R. Watkins – Artist Development – Inspiring Artists Who Teach – New York, New York

Constance Y. White – Master Planning – Public Art: From  Airports to Zoos – Dallas, Texas

Sam Williamson – Facilitator – Building Consensus by Design – Denton, Texas